VFW "The Veterans of Foreign Wars" Campaign

Empower Processing, the exclusive provider of credit card processing and merchant services for the VFW, supports veterans and their families with a recurring, monthly donation program. Whenever a Post or referred business processes their credit card transactions through Empower, a generous donation is given to the VFW and VFW Posts to show our support for America's veterans. And there are no additional costs, upcharges, or fees associated with the program - all donations are directly from Empower's revenues.

Empower is providing a recurring source of funds to support deserving organizations like the VFW. This is our way to honor and give back to those military men and women that have served, or are currently serving, our country," says Reese Kimball, CEO of Empower Processing. "We feel that the best way to show our appreciation is to make monthly donations to the VFW so they can use the funds where they will do the most good.

Additionally, business referrals from VFW Posts and VFW members are eligible for the special, low-cost, national pricing negotiated by the VFW, as well as the monthly donation program. This unique opportunity results in more monthly funds being contributed to VFW Posts and many VFW programs. "We could not be happier working with Empower Processing. It is clear they have a strong commitment to serving our country's heroes and we look forward to a great relationship," states one VFW executive.

The process is simple: contact your Empower representative and in as little as two days, a Post or a business can be running credit card transactions at low rates while contributing to the VFW.

VFW and VFW Posts receive: Business Referrals receive:
- Discount pricing to accept credit cards - Money-saving, national discount pricing
- Monthly donations for local business referrals - Satisfaction of helping America's veterans
- Community involvement increases revenues - Guaranteed savings through a free cost analysis
- Every 10 referrals can result in $1,000 - $2,000 - No batch header, AVS, or early termination fees
in donations per year

Empower Processing is a merchant services provider that has helped large and small businesses with their credit card processing needs since 2000. We offer credit/debit card payment solutions and related merchant services through a technologically advanced, secure network. As a registered ISO/MSP of HSBC Bank USA, we provide competitive rates, exceptional customer service, and superior responsiveness. To learn more, visit Empower Processing, contact us at 877-343-2450 or send us an email.

Increase your fundraising efforts with the name you trust - Empower Processing.

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"Referral Program Success Story"

My Burger King franchise experienced an increase in sales because credit card customers purchased about 20% more than customers making cash purchases. Now, 25% of our customers pay by credit card, resulting in more sales and profits through safe, secure transactions. Credit card sales are now an important part of our business model - accepting credit cards for payment was a good business decision.

Mike D.
Franchisee, Burger King
VFW Member

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